NHHS 75th Anniversary Reunion & Homecoming

Well, I saw 3 people I knew from my class! It was a great weekend. I saw two old teachers: Risse and “D” (Agostino). Hey, WE WON FOOTHILL! Go Jayme Ohlhaver #50! Oh, and I finally saw my cousin Elizabeth with the cheerleaders. Well, ok, maybe the yourger cousins have matured! 😉 . Did I almost forget to mention the streeker during the game? Yep, after my four years at NHHS, never did I see a streeker at the many games I went to. Carson Hill I think his name was. Dude was drunk, got busted, bashed by security! HAH!

I was able to meet a guy named Bob Steel with the Newport Navigators. He had the remodel of Robins/Loats Hall on display for everyone. I took some shots. Go check the pics. He found out about the research that the Galleon group (yearbook) did with the renovations at the school. Well, this was a surprise. He invited me on board with the proposed Measure-F site group. They pretty much act as the watchdogs during construction to make sure our tax dollars are being well spent. Well, I’m going to think about it. I’m not too sure yet. Have to see if time permits.