Friend in a Car Accident

I’ve been gone since 6am this morning, to the boat house, one workplace to the next, and a city comms meeting. I haven’t had a day this busy in a while. I was due for a good way to end the day. I’m tired of this sh*t everything has come to.

Just to top it off, I got a surprise call from Evan Chaffee. He just survived a near-fatal car accident in South Coast Plaza. He was turning on a green light in an intersection when a dumb BITCH just decided to run the red light and swipe his car. Evan walked away from the accident.

It’s a time like this where you start to wonder, “I’m still alive for a reason.” There’s a plan set ahead of me and someone does not want me to end it short. Evan, there’s someone looking down on you. You’re still here for some reason. Whatever it may be, go do it.

I’m glad you’re still alive. It would have been tough without you man.