Evan Makes National Chief


Bear with me as I’m having a hard time typing. LOL.

OK, so the day starts @ 4:00am. I got like 1 hour of sleep. I sent my message out to the kid from Ben and I via cell phone. I woke up at 7ish. Was watching and feeds on my 3 screens in front of me, the feed from Alex Begg, the cell phone, the emails. Uh, a lot of hesitation, afraid to click check mail, reload page, etc…

It all started on a little trip to the little town of Idyllwild last February. As we headed up the hill, the town was experiencing it’s first snow. Here we are driving in a snowstorm, it looked like we were driving through a starfield. Both of us, in looking for a right direction to head or a sign, suddenly I hear this blurb out of nowhere, “OK, I’m doing it.” “What”, I said. “No, I’m really gonna do it.” “Wow, OK.” So we pass by Camp Emerson, head to Riverside County Park where the Cabin is at. Then I get, “I can’t do this without you.” “What? You want me to…?”

People, it’s been a hard 8 months coming up to this point. Helping him through the challenge of NOAC Shows, which came from the blindside, even trying to get myself through his absence at Philmont, I thought we could never do it. Evan’s speech consisted of some quotes that we stumbled upon while going around town. We had ice cream one night at this place and this quote on a back of a guys shirt just came into light. “Hey, turn around, look.”

I want to go on, but I just want to thank all the people that made this happen, giving us that extra push, for believing us through the tough times and all. It meant a lot to us. It looks like Tracy Schultze from Cahuilla beat me by 10 minutes to get the word out to the Section, so now I give it to you. WE ALL just made history, and my arms are still shaking.

It looks like the main feed’s coming in from Alex Begg at the region. I think we both saw it coming. A feed from Section W-4B (http://www.w4b.org/) will be up shortly. Hmm, can the lodge put something up soon on theirs.

OK, enough, go see for yourself. I have to go run to gym to get this off me.

It’s been a pleasure working with you kid. Thanks for the opportunity. Go plan the meeting. Hear from you soon.

National OA Officers

Evan Chaffee: 2007 National OA Chief

Evan, who turned 19 today, hails from Wiatava Lodge #13, of the Orange County Council, and is a Vigil Honor member. Evan was inducted in the Order May of 2000 at Lost Valley Scout Reservation and later earned his Eagle in 2005. His past positions include Chapter Activites VC, Chapter Chief in 2004, Lodge Activities Vice Chief, Lodge Conclave Contingent Leader, Lodge Chief in 2006, and is a part of the National OA Shows group. Evan staffed on the OA service corps at the 2005 National Jamboree. Evan has taken part in OA high adventure programs the past few years and was a foreman for the Order of the Arrow Trail Crew program at Philmont last Summer. Evan attended the National Leadership Seminar in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ. Evan is the current OA High Adventure Chairman for the Western Region.

Today, Evan attends Saddleback College and is majoring in Business. Evan is a member of Troop 702 in San Juan Capistrano, CA and is also a member in the nationally renowned Sea Scout Ship of Del Mar 711, Newport Beach, CA.