Discovery – Part 2: More on the Never-Ending Quest

In my never-ending quest to figure out the crazy things going around in my head, I’ve continued looking into these other people that share similar traits like me. I have to say some of these guys are really hardcore and some are not. I don’t know exactly where I fit on the INTJ scale as I don’t agree with some traits, but this personality type closely suits me. I grabbed the following and commented on it:

1. They have vivid imaginations [agree]

2. They’re curious about everything, and are always asking “Why?” [agree]
3. They enjoy spending time one-on-one with others, rather than in large groups [depends]
4. They’re often off in their own world, and have a dreamlike quality [agree, my mind goes nuts. Sometimes I can’t even sleep]

5. They enjoy art and music [agree, I actually almost went into art]
6. They love books, and especially enjoy fiction [disagree, I’d prefer biographies]
7. They’re likely to hang back and watch before participating in a social situation [agree, I think too complex]

8. They’re intensely private, and don’t always share their thought and feelings [agree]
9. They like structure and are unsettled by chaos or unplanned eventsoh definitely [agree]
10. They prefer sports that focus on individual performance rather than team sports [depends, sometimes I crave just being with other people]

11. They are perfectionists for sure, probably excessively [disagree, I’m not always organized. If it doesn’t really have to be, then don’t do it]
12. They’re serious and intense [depends]
13. They often seem older than they are, and may have older friends [agree, over the charts on this one! they say I’m 33]

14. They are original and independent, and value their uniqueness [agree]
15. They’re not overly concerned with grades, but they want to completely understand a subject that interests them [agree. I’m pretty selective about certain things.]

I’m still trying to decide if dreams are an important part of our growth. Are they worth paying attention to and are we truly able to learn from them… Someday, somewhere, this thing I keep thinking about will be unveiled, whatever it is.