Wrapping up MacWorld ’08


The 2008 MacWorld Conference & Expo broke out on a big bang with a record number of attendees this year as well as every vendor space filled.

Probably the two biggest things coming out of Steve Jobs’ keynote was the introduction of the MacBook Air and the iTunes Movie Rentals service. This year’s keynote was somewhat strange because of the hype of 2007. Steve’s keynote started off with the successes of 2007, including, the release of the iPhone, MacOSX (10.5) “Leopard”, the iPod Touch (and the redesigns), and AppleTV. We were all expecting some bigger announcement, like a 3G iPhone or a stripped down MacBook rather than a “thinner” addition to the portable Mac lineup. What can you do for a company that already did so much last year? Perhaps projects aren’t done yet. I’m not disappointed. I know there’s more stuff probably coming later this year. We all just walked out with a puzzled look on our faces. People want to know the good stuff now! 😉

Otherwise, a Macworld is never complete without seeing all the new products and gadgets from hundreds of companies. This event usually rivals the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. These two events are usually held during the same week in January. This year the events were apart by a week.

Apple’s World-Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) will be held in June where we will see the next big announcement from Apple. Sometime in August or September we will hear the last announcement from them during the “Fall Special Event”. Hold on to your seats because it’s evident that there’s more to come.

It’s nice to be back in Burlingame. Stacks’ in Downtown still has the good old signature Banana Coconut Pancakes which are to die for. If you’re ever up in the San Francisco Bay Area, don’t pass this place up. There’s a Stacks’ in Menlo Park as well. Another place just opened up in San Francisco off of Hayes Street by the Civic Center District.

Broadway Prime off of US-101 and Broadway in Burlingame has sensational tastes of dry aged prime rib and New York steaks. Broadway Prime has become well known throughout the area. It makes me want to go back again and again.

Pizza My Heart is another spectacular eatery throughout Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz. They’re making the best pizza in the Bay Area. Every pizza is hand-tossed and made right in front of you. Each store showcases surf memorabilia from the pro circuit and famous surf movies, even from Newport Beach! One store has the “world’s largest wooden surfboard.”

Until next time…