Discovery – Part 4: Romance/Crush

It’s been a while since I’ve done some research on my “discovery”. Here is the next set of facts.

How does an INTJ show they care/love someone?

Posted by: DrEast @ INTJforum – General Sociology

Initial Romance/Crush:

  • By freezing up utterly around them.
  • By avoiding them actively to avoid the freezing up.
  • By going from fully confident to zero self-confidence in three seconds flat around them.
  • General stiffness and awkwardness.

Actual love/affection:

  • By becoming experts in the person so loved, to the point of accurate prediction of that person’s actions and thoughts from observed data.
  • By yielding some of the precious autonomy to put that person’s interests first.
  • By careful study of sexual technique to transfer to passion in the bedroom.
  • By extreme thoughtfulness in interaction, in marked contrast to thoughtlessness normally characterizing INTJ social interactions.