Brandin in the movie "MacHeads"

I received notice today that I was spotted in the documentary, MacHeads. Most of the movie was filmed during MacWorld San Francisco 2007, which I attended through a developer group. This was the big event where the first iPhone was announced and demonstrated by the big man himself, Steve Jobs. Probably the greatest thing he did during the keynote was prank calling the Starbucks on Market & 4th and ordering 3000 coffees to go. That was a big day. I was dropped off in Burlingame in the early morning hours and traveled via BART to Moscone West. I remember seeing a TON of cameras circling the stage, more than Apple typically allows during these events. I do remember that camera guy sweeping by me. Now I know what it was for.

My appearance here wasn’t as big as the interview I was in at Apple’s 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference. MacHeads is currently on Hulu available for you to watch. You can skip to 43:01 to see the part. The film can be watched on iTunes as well.

If you watch the whole film, I want you to know that in no way do I class myself as a "FanBoy" nor am I a "SteveFanatic" obsessed about Steve Jobs. I admire Steve’s drive that brought the company to where they are today. That attitude goes for anybody in my world. I do support the claim that I am a loyal customer of Apple and am a member of Apple Developer Connection. I support the company for the great quality products that they create, their drive to challenge the cutting-edge, and their philosophy about making things that work without hassle.

With that said, enjoy!


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