WWDC14: Apple, Inc’s WWDC is all about the D: Developers


Check out Daniel Eran Dilger’s article about WWDC, which kicks off tomorrow. The event has been sold out within seconds for the past three years. Most of the content is online within hours of the presentation. The famous keynote is live onĀ the web.



Some have asked if I’m still going to this event. My six year run since 2008 with the event has come to a close for now to focus on the industry that is related to my field. This is why my focus is with O’Reilly’s OSCON event in Portland, this July. Maybe someday I’ll return to WWDC. I thank Apple for giving me a scholarship to this event in 2008 & 2009 and even giving me a VIP keynote pass for the last two years. I also can’t forget the wonderful people I’ve met over the years. Only about half of them are attending this year.