Brandin Goes to MacWorld

I’m attending my first MacWorld Expo and I am so glad that I came. Steve Jobs is a phenominal speaker. He is said to be the best in corporate Amerinca. After seeing several of his keynotes, I said it was time to see one in person.

I’m staying with some friends that live in Burlingame, just south of the San Francisco Airport. It started 6am Tuesday morning. I was dropped off at the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit District) station in Millbrae, which was 5 minutes away. The ride to Powell St in downtown San Francisco was $3.80. Can’t beat that! After getting a quick breakfast at Starbucks, I headed down to the Moscone West, picked up my badge, and joined the line of thousands of people to see Steve Jobs live. The wait to get inside the keynote was actually fun. The people around me actually know the things I do! I hate being the one that knows it all or is too afraid to admit that he’s a geek. I have to say, I’ve hidden it pretty well. It’s scary seeing someone like my grandma punch in on her phone, “Yeah, this new thing is running OS 10.”

Since then, I’ve only heard tidbits of what Apple was recently developing. Today changed everything. The iPhone. As quoted, “we’re witnessing history today.” The first iPhone call was made. Steve also prank called an order for 4000 Starbucks coffies. The iPhone is said to be 5 years ahead of it’s time. It was great witnessing as event like the introduction of the Macintosh back in 1984. The device is still pending FCC review and is due out in June. I’ll probably look at it in 2 years.

Other highlights of the keynote were seeing Jerry Yang from Yahoo, Dr. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, and Stan Sigman of Cingular. A surprise performance of John Mayer was at the end.

After the keynote, I headed over to the convention center where I had to sit down for a while. Taking in all the excitement really tired me out. Evan and Brad called saying, “so what heppened?” Rumor has it that more people attended MacWorld than CES in Las Vegas this year.

Later that night I returned to the house and was watching the news, the iPhone has already gone worldwide.